Can we scan all our documents in one batch and upload them to ScanSearch as one batch?

Every document must be its own file. However it sometimes makes sense to store a set of documents together as if they would be stored in their own folder in a manual filing system. If you scan as one batch, you must use a third party application to separate them using barcode, separator sheets, or automated classification. Most major scanner manufacturers have this functionality built into their scanners or scanning application.

Are my documents immediately available after upload?

All documents are processed in the order they are received and then made available to search and retrieve. In peak times it is our goal to have documents available within a 90 minute window.

Is there a limit to the number of pages or file size to upload?

Yes. A document must be no more than two Megabytes. A typical PDF that is two Megabytes would be approximately a two hundred page document.

Can I try ScanSearch for free to see if it fits our needs?

Yes, see our “Free Trial” for a test drive. This is important to verify your documents are of a quality that can be easily indexed.

What happens to our documents if we cancel our subscription?

You will no longer be able to upload documents for storage. Your documents will still be retrievable for up to one year.

You will have 90 days to download all of your images as the original files that were uploaded at no charge

Can we do a large volume back file upload at the begining?

Yes. Select the volume subscription that fits your needs for the initial back file upload then downsize to the ongoing subscription that fits your needs on an ongoing monthly basis.

Is ScanSearch 100% accurate in indexing every word?

It can be if it is a quality scan or an electronically generated document such as a Quickbooks generated invoice or a Word document exported as a PDF document. Poorly scanned documents will give poorly indexed documents. Please use our “Try it free” offering to see for yourself with your documents.

Can we store word, excel, or non image documents in ScanSearch?

]No. ScanSearch is designed to utilize OCR technology to fully index scanned and digitally created documents that are otherwise not indexed searchable in a document repository. You can however export any document type to PDF and upload for retrieval.

HIPPA Compliance?

ScanSearch helps support your HIPAA compliance, but using ScanSearch services does not on its own achieve it. Your organization is responsible for ensuring that you have an adequate compliance program and internal processes in place, and that your particular use of ScanSearch services aligns with HIPAA and the HITECH Act.