Among the countless laws and legal obligations that attorneys, law firms, and legal departments keep track of, perhaps the most important are the legal document management and storage laws like SOX, HIPAA, and HITECH that can spell serious trouble for themselves.

Managing large archives of legal records and litigation documents is a necessary evil for law practices and legal departments, and yet traditional methods of storing paper files in house can be one of the largest detriments to productivity.

With ScanSearch, all paper and PDF documents can be searched on in a full text manner. This means that getting the right documents in front of the right people now becomes exponentially more efficient. With bank level security, you can rest assure that compliance is met.

Whether scanned or emailed, legal documents with attachments, ScanSearch eliminates the entire document indexing process! All words and phrases on all documents are extracted and you search in a full-text manner. The more search criteria you enter, the more narrow the search results. No human intervention to organize and save documents.