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Just pictures

Scanned documents or natively generated PDFs are just pictures of documents that can not be searched on by document content. Upload to ScanSearch and they can!

Search your scanned documents from your existing application.

Get the Google Chrome extension to search from within your existing web app like QuickBooks, Salesforce, SAP, JD Edwards, etc... Need API integration? We have that too!

NO staff required to index the documents.

Capturing documents is only the first step. All incoming content must be classified and indexed in order to be effectively stored. While it takes seconds to scan a document, it can take minutes of work per document to index. Often, a person must view each document to determine the retrieval fields and then manually type them into the system. ScanSearch ELIMINATES this entire process. Just upload your documents and your done.


Get a document in front of the right person in seconds instead of minutes, hours, or days.
Make decisions instantly without waiting for the right documents.
Resolve issues in one step by having the information you need at your fingertips.


Bank-level security means that your important information is encrypted and protected using the same industry-leading technology that banks use.
ScanSearch Features

No Indexing

Search any scanned document with no manual indexing or tagging.

Search Instantly

Allows for instant field search results of every data element instantly once processed by our cloud based, highly secured servers.

Fast Results, Anywhere

ScanSearch gives fast search results for quick access to documents from any device.

Powered by common sense

ScanSearches's indexless approach saves you from hundreds of hours of manual work & errors.

Cloud Storage

Store hundreds or hundreds of thousands documents securely on the cloud.

Super User Abilities

SuperAdmin capabilities allows your business to feel comfortable sharing and electronically managing your important documents.
ScanSearch Benefits
Why use

ScanSearch offers retrieval of every document by any word, phrase of field.

No more filing paper.
No more lost documents.
No more filing cabinets and the cost to keep.
Pricing Plans
From 1,000 to 100,000 documents a month we offer suitable pricing for businesses small, medium, and large.
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The Unfair Advantage
This short video shows how traditional document imaging systems demand a great deal of manual effort to store and retrieve your documents followed by the ScanSearch Unfair Advantage….
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