Why scan your company or department’s documents and store them online with ScanSearch?

February 17, 2023 Matt Dragatsis

Posted on: February 17, 2023  by Matt Dragatsis

Why scan your company or department’s documents and store them online with ScanSearch? It’s all about having a certain level of access to what is on those documents. The traditional method of storing documents in filing cabinets or worse, bankers boxes, you physically need to handle the paper document to have access to the information on it. Here is a real world example: 

On any given day, in any Accounts Payable department, a clerk gets a phone call from a vendor who is asking a question about a particular invoice that was sent to them. A lot of times it is just to verify that they received it. “I am just calling to verify that you have received invoice number INV-7843”. This is called document visibility and unless the invoice has been fully entered into the AP system no one has the answer to this unless they physically go to the pile of un-entered invoices and thumb through them to see if it is there. They then need to call the vendor back, hopefully get them on the phone, and confirm. This is just one reason you would need to get in front of an invoice….there are many. 

Back to our original question. If you scanned that pile of invoices in and uploaded them to ScanSearch, those documents would be available, online, within minutes and when that call came in, the question could be answered immediately. No getting out of your chair. No thumbing through the pile of invoices. No calling back with the answer to their question. In reality, that whole process could take 10 minutes or more, not to mention the disruption to what you are currently working on. How many times could the need to retrieve an invoice happen in a month? You may say most or our invoices are received as PDFs via email. Well, you still need to search through emails looking for the sender who sent it and this would exclude all paper invoices. You can set up a rule in your AP email box to forward to ScanSearch automatically so all your invoices will be in one place.

Your scanned documents and PDFs are really just pictures of non-searchable words. ScanSearch brings the documents to life with full text search capabilities. Search by any word or phrase once uploaded to the highly secure cloud repository. 

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