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February 15, 2024 Matt Dragatsis

Hotel industry solution

The Hotels market in the United States is anticipated to experience a rise in revenue, with a projection of reaching US $110.50B by 2024.Furthermore, the market is  expected to exhibit an annual growth rate of 3.82%, which would result in a market volume projection of US $128.40B by 2028.

It is common for a hotel property to operate on a three shift rotation culminating in the Night Audit Shift. Typically, at the end of every shift any documents that are collected and reports that are printed are held to the side for the Night Audit Desk Agent shift to audit, sort, put into an envelope, and store in bankers boxes prior to rolling the day. These are referred to as “Night Audit Packs” which includes all of the shift paperwork throughout the day.

Shift paperwork includes things like the completed Shift Checklist for each shift, Guest Ledger, Arrivals List, Departures List, Housekeeping Room Status Report, Current Deposit Ledger (deposits taken and held for advanced deposit reservations), Credit Card Authorizations for in-house guests, Manual Room Revenue report, other sometimes applicable paperwork like Tax Exempt Reservation backup or Rate Authorization backup (like for a company rate code), and anything else that may have come up during a shift. Typically the paperwork that is saved is the paperwork that has been notated with updates/changes, and/or signed/dated for review by the Front Desk Associate and/or Manager on Duty.

ScanSearch can replace the bankers boxes by offering a simplistic method of storing the documents in a secure cloud storage space by using a current multifunction device or a desktop scanner. The method is to simply scan the shift documents and upload them. There is no other task needed as ScanSearch will use every word, phrase, and/or field on the document for retrieval. There are no steps needed to index or file the documents.

Source contributor: Taylor R., Hospitality Leader


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